A doodle of me looking skeptically at you, with big circle glasses and messy hair.

I'm a collaborative and empathetic producer with a background in UI/UX design. I have a deep interest in accessibility, inclusive design, and project management. ( and baking yummy treats )

Currently, I'm a Producer at Moon Candy, a new game studio co-op focusing on sustainability and making games that meld genres into vibrant, unique experiences. Our games challenge the player, treasure replayability, and explore worlds haunted by history.

My previous 5+ years of experience includes developing games, products, and interactions for Ludia (Jam City), HitPoint Studios, Fat Bird Studios, and Emergent Media Center.

I enjoy working on projects & with teams that strive for sustainable game development. ( how can I make a positive change in our industry? )


I strive to be a compassionate leader who supports people and their goals. My goal is to create and maintain a work environment where psychological safety is valued. I believe leadership should be a collaborative experience and open to feedback, with a mindset on serving the team. When we are empowered to ask questions, offer ideas, and take responsibility, we build a safe environment.


The games industry needs new and diverse voices with space to have their ideas grow. I want to see marginalized folks with long careers, and a clear path to leadership. We need representation not just at the studio but also in the types of stories we tell; our players deserve to see themselves in our games. To support inclusion in our industry means to prioritize safety, training, and intersectional education within our teams.


Design means more to me than just a good-looking interface; it's a way of thinking. We need to consider how we organize our teams, how we design our pipelines, and how we test and iterate on our processes. While it's important to focus on the player's experience, we should also prioritize the team's experience in designing together.


Community is all about giving and receiving. My goal within the game development community is to share resources and offer mentorship. For the three years, I organized Winter4ever: a game dev gathering~ an annual online event focused on supporting marginalized voices & sharing knowledge.

Let’s see how we can work together to make better player experiences.

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